Making The Most of Minisplit Heat Pumps: On-Demand

 Jordan Goldman, a specialist in energy modeling, HVAC systems, and mechanical design, leads this e-learning course designed to help you understand and install minisplit heat pump systems effectively. This course covers the strengths and weaknesses of minisplits, how to best integrate minisplit systems into well-insulated homes, and common mistakes to avoid during design and installation. Whether you're a building professional or a homeowner, by the end of this course you will have the knowledge and confidence needed to select the right system for your next remodeling or new-construction project, and to ensure it’s installed to achieve optimum performance.

How Minisplit Heat Pumps Are Designed to Work
Choosing the Right Size and Type of Equipment
Understanding Heat Pump Performance in Cold Climates and Conditions
Installation Best Practices and Details to Avoid

Running time: approximately 2 hours

$74.99 USD

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