Avoid Stucco Siding Failures

with Christine Williamson, AIA
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Course Introduction

This course is designed for professionals and homeowners alike and taught by a seasoned architect and building scientist who specializes in developing building details that enhance the performance, durability and comfort of residential homes. Join this session, originally part of the Fine Homebuilding Summit, to fortify your understanding of stucco siding and safeguard your home's exterior with practical and proven insights.

What You'll Learn In This Course:

-Manage Water Control In Stucco Buildings

-Understand Stucco and Mass Walls

-Detail Framed Walls With Stucco

-Understand Risks and Points of Failure

-Design and Build Stucco wall assemblies that are proven to work


Christine Williamson

Building science expert Christine Williamson is a consultant at Building Science Corporation. She studied at Princeton and got her Master of Architecture from NewSchool of Architecture & Design in San Diego, CA. Her wildly successful building science tips and tricks Instagram account, @buildingsciencefightclub, was created because “this stuff is my jam and I love making learning about it just a little easier,” Christine writes.

Avoid Stucco Siding Failures


Course Includes:

  • On-demand access for an entire year
  • Tips, techniques and insights

Avoid Stucco Siding Failures

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