Home Insulation 

How to meet and beat the newest building code using proven products in the right assemblies
Course includes:
  • 3 hours of in-depth instruction
  • 5 AIA Approved HSW/LU Credits 
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All The Information You Need To Insulate Efficient,

Healthy and Durable Homes

The 2021 International Residential Code requires the highest insulating standards our industry has ever seen, putting new pressure on architects and builders to change the way they design and construct houses.

This course will teach you how to interpret the new code and how to select the right insulation for your project based on budget and performance goals.


New R-value and continuous insulation requirements for your climate zone.


Choose the right insulation based on budget, science and environmental impact.


Design proven building details for efficient foundations, walls and roof assemblies. 

Course Outline 

Module 1: How to Choose Insulation
  • The four control layers
  • What the codes have to say
  • Six criteria for choosing insulation
  • Common insulation products at a glance with FAQs 
Module 2: Insulating Slabs, Crawlspaces, and Basements
  • Options for insulated slabs
  • Vented vs. conditioned crawlspaces
  • Basement insulation: Inside or outside
  • Getting rim joist insulation right
  • Insulating floors
Module 3: Insulating Walls
  • Thermal bridging and the “perfect wall”
  • Cavity-only insulation options
  • Exterior continuous insulation
  • Double-stud walls
Module 4: Attics and Roofs
  • Air sealing options for attic insulation
  • The benefit of raised-heel trusses
  • Vented vs. unvented insulated roofs
  • Options for insulating the roofline


Brian Pontolilo

Brian Pontolilo is a sustainable home building expert, and has spent the better part of the last 20 years as a journalist, writer, and editor covering residential design and construction at Fine Homebuilding magazine and GreenBuildingAdvisor.com.

Brian has a degree in professional writing, and has worked in landscape construction, as a painter, and as a carpenter—unique experiences that he has harnessed to educate and train designers, builders and homeowners throughout his career. Most recently, Brian has put all he has learned and taught into practice by designing and building his own practical zero-energy ready home in northwest Connecticut.

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